About Us

ExchangeListing provides our partnered organizations with exchange-relations experience, strong advisory skills, and professional business acumen. We utilize our network of exchange contacts to devise a plan forward, personally put that plan into action, and prepare your organization to strategically approach these pivotal B2B partnerships.

Rick Kennerknecht Rick possesses decades of experience as a B2B/B2C business owner, with over 25 years as the Chief Executive Officer of an industry leading international client acquisition company. His career has been built on a solid foundation within the Internet Marketing and SEO/SEM fields, along with extensive interpersonal skills which have paved the way for a strong sense of collaboration and organizational management within multiple bleeding-edge tech-based industries, most recently working closely with several organizations within the blockchain & cryptocurrency space prior to co-founding ExchangeListing.io.
Thomas Ambrosia Thomas brings years of small and large organization management skills, with a background in financial and legal analysis and project management tools. Holding multiple business and graduate degrees, he continues to advance his formal education within business-based disciplines. A cryptocurrency and blockchain enthusiast, Thomas has been sought after by numerous Token Organizations for advisory roles and consultation prior to becoming a co-founder of ExchangeListing.io.
Gary Sumner Gary’s career is centered around strategic planning, project management and due diligence. Focusing his efforts on B2B negotiations, acquisitions and project management within multiple industries, he brings a broad perspective and solution-driven approach to both Token Organizations and Cryptocurrency Exchanges engaging with ExchangeListing.io. An early adopter of cryptocurrency, Gary has witnessed the Blockchain industry grow and evolve over many years, and continues to contribute to the space with open communication and integrity.
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