Exchange Listing Consulting

Prior to beginning work with any organization we internally vet all projects we come into contact with. We review the organization within the following areas:

Community Engagement
Social Media Outreach
Marketing Efforts
Use case
ICO process
Technology used
Legal analysis

Over time we have developed working relationships with exchanges and individuals. Many exchanges currently utilize a rigid or particular vetting process when evaluating organizations desiring to be listed. We evaluate organizations for two reasons: it creates another level of due diligence with intent to both strengthen the organization for listing and assist all exchanges in listing a quality organization; and it allows us to employ a strategy of approach. We work diligently to assist and vet on behalf of both the exchange and the organization.


We maintain a categorized list of exchanges by daily volume. Our daily volume list is a necessary tool when proposing a strategy of approach.


We customize every application to as best meet each individual exchange’s internal procedure, as best as we know it. This outreach is not uniform and is unique to each exchange. All methods of contact text/call/E-mail/face-to-face are personalized.


We provide ongoing support (averaging four to six months), which includes follow-ups, business relations, meeting arrangements, and closure.


We offer emergency contact and support if a scenario arises that requires emergency outreach to exchanges: [Stop-Trade/Withdrawal/Deposits] *Service has no end-term*


DISCLAIMER: Consultants do not guarantee any exchange or tracking listings. Payment to consultants is strictly for work including time, effort, resources utilized, and indirect access to the consultant’s exchange network. Exchanges have the final say as to whether or not a digital asset is listed; some variables include: current trade volume, listing price, legal/due diligence and exchange discretion. Consultants will work to ensure that all resources at their disposal are utilized in efforts to providing exchanges with all the information requested regarding any digital asset. If information is needed by exchanges and consultants do not have access to such, they will immediately contact the token organization to obtain such information. Consultants will in effort to get a token listed, maintain contact with their exchange network until the exchange has either provided written denial or approval of token, or the relationship between consultants and exchange has disintegrated due to unforeseeable circumstances.

Rick is a valuable asset to any team in the cryptocurrency/blockchain industry.  He has helped get the project I founded, Social (SCL), listed on many reputable exchanges due to his broad list of connections. I've also witnessed his ability to create connections and set up partnerships while working with other organizations. Thanks!
– Jade Mulholland, Founder at Sociall
Hardworking, organised and a positive force. Rick helped us at DCORP with building partnerships that resulted in listings on cryptocurrency exchanges.  Thanks again, Rick!
– Frank Bonnet, Founder and Developer at DCORP
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