ICO Advising

ExchangeListing.io provides focused ICO advising to organizations within the following areas:

Community Management
Social Media Outreach
Project Management
Search Engine Optimization
Exchange Listings

We focus on these areas specifically, as we desire to become the strongest we can in providing top-notch advisory contributions to any organization. When engaged in an advisory role, we act in-line with the goals of your organization. We utilize a micro/macro approach; within the organization, we advise on internal workings, time-management and organizational tools; outside of the organization, we focus on outreach, product awareness and global marketing efforts.


Furthermore, when in an advisory role we do not take on more than we can manage. We feel it is necessary to balance multiple roles within life – both personal and professional. We expect ourselves to assist whenever necessary to avoid the pitfalls of this industry and to guide those who seek alternate avenues of success.

I collaborated with Thomas on a few different projects where his agency connected my company with some clients looking for marketing material. His professionalism really shined through during the negotiation, onboarding, and project management processes. I highly recommend bringing Thomas and his team on board if you are looking for a full-service agency in the blockchain space. You will get a lot of attention and will be in great hands.
– Kevin Ting, Bitcoin for Beginners
Thomas is one of the finest project managers in the crypto space. He is intelligent, diligent and he delivers. Not afraid to get his hands dirty, Thomas has a great aptitude for solving problems and high integrity. It's a pleasure to work with him on Safe Haven and I look forward to many collaborations in the future.
– Shashwat Gupta, Business Strategist for Blockchain Startups
Rick is a highly valued team member at MoxyOne. Always helpful and getting things done. We value his expertise and insights into the industry and would highly recommend him. He would be a great fit for any team.
– Shivangni Singh, Marketing Content Producer
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